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Divorces are usually difficult on everyone. Contested divorce is seldom a pleasant process. Usually, when two people decide to end their marriage, they have so many differences that they are no longer able to work together to reach a resolution. This is where SeegLawUtah comes in.

Attorney Seegmiller has been colloquially deemed the “divorce queen” and has developed a strong reputation for winning cases for her clients. She is deeply knowledgeable about the divorce process and will pay special attention to helping her clients plan how they are going to exist the marriage and take care of themselves. She doesn’t want her clients to lose, and she has a proven track record for achieving favorable results. She will also provide the personalized legal counsel you need to feel supported in this challenging time. 

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Divorce Residency Requirement

To file for divorce in Utah, either spouse must reside in a Utah county for at least 3 months prior to filing. If the divorce will involve custody matters, the child must reside with at least one of the parents living in Utah for a minimum of 6 months. If you meet these residency requirements, you are eligible to file for divorce and can proceed with the divorce petition.

The 5 Issues in a Divorce

While every divorce is different, each case may involve the following 5 main issues:

  1. Grounds. Utah recognizes no-fault (“irreconcilable differences”) and fault-based divorce (e.g., based on adultery, cruelty). Using no-fault grounds creates a less contentious situation that can enable the parties to better negotiate the other issues, while fault-based grounds may result in contested divorce.
  2. Property Division. The court will divide marital property based on what is equitable and fair, not exactly 50/50. Sometimes, it may be fair for the spouses to receive 50/50 division, but other times, it may be fair for the court to award more property to one party.
  3. Child Custody. This issue is often the most hotly contested issue in a divorce. It is typical for a court to order the parties to have a custody evaluation done if they do not agree on an arrangement. The trend in Utah is to award joint custody to the parties if both are fit and proper parents and if, logistically, the parties can make joint custody work. When parties are awarded joint legal custody, the court will require them to file a parenting plan with their order. A parenting plan outlines how the parties will handle the details of co-parenting their children and can include procedures for the children's religious training, education, and medical treatment, as well as restraining orders, procedures for exchanging the children, how to resolve disputes, and more. 
  4. Child Support. Parents are also legally obligated to financially support their children. The Utah Child Support Guidelines help determine the appropriate child support amount based on the parents’ incomes and how much time they have with the children.
  5. Alimony. Utah courts will award alimony in many circumstances. Usually, the main considerations are the needs of the recipient spouse, the ability of the other spouse to pay, and the length of the marriage. Courts also consider income disparity and whether one party was an at-home parent enabling the other to increase their earning capacity. Sometimes, courts can consider fault (e.g., adultery) in decreasing an alimony award or declining to award alimony.

SeegLawUtah has significant experience in the area of divorce law. We have obtained wins for many clients throughout our career, and we personally care about the success and outcome of your case. For any and all of your divorce concerns, let our firm help.

Types of Divorce We Handle

SeegLawUtah handles several types of divorce for clients, including:

  • Contested divorce
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Military divorce
  • Same-sex divorce

With same-sex marriages and divorce, we have even handled sex changes for people transitioning to LGBTQ matters and advocated for obtaining original birth certificates for sex changes.

Express Divorce Services

We also offer “express” divorce services for fast and easy divorce. We are skilled at resolving contested divorce, the most complex of divorce processes, which means we are more than prepared for your uncontested divorce. If handling your own divorce is stressful and confusing, you can hire our team to handle your simple uncontested divorce on a flat rate basis, usually completed within 30-60 days. Note that this is an option if you and your spouse agree to all divorce terms, otherwise you do not qualify for uncontested divorce.

Reach out to our firm for information on how express divorce services and flat rates, which vary depending on whether you seek to negotiate child custody as well. The process will entail agreeing on terms with your spouse and completing our intake form, as well as obtaining your spouse's signature on the relevant documents. 

Divorce can feel like a daunting and overwhelming process. However, we will front all the legal work as your divorce attorney and take care of your needs throughout the process. SeegLawUtah will prepare and file all documents required for your divorce, take care of contacts and communications with the court, and get you divorced, possibly without ever even having you step through the courthouse doors. 

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